Ziska góða móttøku í Lerwick

We were pleased to welcome the new Faroese lifeboat ‘Ziska’ to the sunshine of Lerwick harbour today. The crew are taking the 20-metre boat from Langevåg in Norway to enter service at Klaksvik on the island of Borðoy, in the north of the Faroe Islands 🇫🇴
Meeting the Faroese crew today were some of the current and former crew from Lerwick and RNLI Aith Lifeboat stations in Shetland. There are long-standing cultural links between the two communities of Klaksvik and Aith.
Coxswain Marius Magnusson said a few words to acknowledge the links between our neighbouring islands and presented a wooden plaque to Lerwick Coxswain Stephen Manson and Aith Coxswain John Robertson to say thanks for the assistance given to the crew today.
We wish the crew a safe homeward journey and hope ‘Ziska’ has many years of search and rescue service ahead of her 🧡
Kelda og myndir RNLI Lerwick Lifeboat
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