Vinurin hjá Jógvan bróður Toryn Rua biður okkum stuðla Týr

Toryn Rua, sum var ein góður vinur hjá Jógvan bróður, skrivar eitt innlegg á Stop Sea Shepherd Violence fyri trimum tímum síðani, her hansara Facebook innlegg:

Very soon, Týr will be releasing their newest album.

They have been unfairly demonized by Paul Watson and his minions.

Please support this band by purchasing their album and attending their performances if you can. The late Faroese cartoonist Jógvan Á Høvdanum loved this band and made us laugh at Watson’s pathetic attempts to defame this very successful group that has shown the world the culture of the Faroe Islands.

Please keep our friend’s memories alive as we celebrate Týr’s new work!

Toryn Rua

Her hansara innlegg: “Please keep our friend’s memories alive”

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